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Supplying bulk and private label sales to Wholesalers, Jobbers, Retailers and the OEM trade since 1971. We service the Professional Window and Casino/Hotel House Cleaning Trade including EVS/PAD Departments. We also have After-market replacement cleaning bonnets designed to fit most commonly used household dust and washing mops such as Swiffer, Clorox, Lysol brands and more.

Microfiber Duster Washer/Wizzer Mini Mop

Presently used by casino attendants on restroom mirrors. Designed for indoor cleaning of glass and mirrors that are maintained on a regular basis. Excellent for spot cleaning. Bonnets fit most Doodle Bug tools (4 5/8 X 10 inches). Not recommended for heavily soiled panels, where a sleeve and squeegee should be used for best results. Spray a fine mist of glass cleaner (do not saturate). For water splashes use a dry bonnet. This decreases chemical consumption. Wash bonnet before using for best results.



Complete 9400A Unit consists of Wiljer 9400ATV Tool and 9411R Microfiber Replacement Bonnet. 9777R Bonnett fits 3M Doodle Bug and similar type tools. The Tool is available with an Acme threaded Collar or a Universal locking Collar. Also included is our Twist Locking 1 to 2 foot Extension Pole for reaching the top of the mirror that is missed by shorter housekeepers.
Wizzer Mini Mop


Model 9404 Mini mop
Designed for JAW style mop handles - mop has 2 cleaning sides

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